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I am a professional member of the CIEP Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.



Whether you’re producing an academic research report with multiple authors, a lifestyle magazine, a work of fiction or an exhibition catalogue, I will ensure your text flows well, is perfectly structured and reads as convincingly as possible for…


I have proofread magazines, illustrated books, websites, academic theses and reports, grant proposals and works of fiction. I can check final proofs before publication, in any format. I am also experienced in dealing with image captions, credits…

Editing non-native English

I am highly experienced with editing non-native English. I have worked with numerous texts that have been translated to English and need rewriting/editing, as well as writers using English as a second language who need help with conveying their…


I worked with Rosie Spencer on one of our exhibition catalogues. Rosie copyedited and proofread the whole book, from the authors’ texts to the exhibition lists and captions, with great precision and punctuality. Her availability and recommendations were very precious throughout the project. It was a pleasure working with her and I strongly recommend her services.

Cécile Provost

Editor, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

Paris, France



I have worked on illustrated books for major publishers including Phaidon Press (Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography) and Walter Koenig (Lubaina Himid: Workshop Manual), as well as editing exhibition catalogues for a number of…

Architecture & Design

I have worked on a number of architecture books, including Swedish architect Andreas Martin-Löf’s illustrated monograph One to One and British architect David Chipperfield’s catalogue Common Ground for the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, as…

Academia & Research

I have worked on a variety of academic and research projects, including a PhD thesis for the Royal College of Art, a research report for environmental charity City to Sea, a research text for the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, a PhD thesis…


I have edited literary fiction and children’s fiction for authors in the UK and the US. I am happy to work on a manuscript at any stage of the process, from first draft through to final proofs for publication.


I have worked on lifestyle and culture magazines including GQ and Jocks & Nerds, as well as editing health and fitness content for books and websites.


In the process of writing the entire manuscript for my book One to One I realised I could only do it well if I wrote in Swedish, which is my mother tongue language. After the translation to English I felt a bit unsure if the tonality in the texts was correct and also if the translator really had understood what I meant when I first wrote the text in Swedish. Rosie Spencer was a perfect match for me working on copyediting and proofreading and helping me to find that tone that I think is so important. I can warmly recommend Rosie for texts of any size or full book projects.

Andreas Martin-Löf


Stockholm, Sweden

Writing about visual art is problematic enough and ‘International Art English’ is routinely criticised as being difficult and alienating. As a visual artist, when it comes to making my sometimes oblique ideas and ricocheting bullet-points readable, working with Rosie has been a revelation. She makes the words flow. They become a pleasure to read. She also has the ability to alter the level of technical details for different audiences, meaning that each edited text is handled in an efficient and decisive way.



London, UK




I have written on contemporary art, architecture and design for publications including The Art Newspaper, Icon magazine and Domus, as well as writing exhibition audio guides for Tate Modern and copywriting for a variety of design brands.


I have recently completed a novella about birth, death and a blue whale, which is in the final editing stages. My short story Window was published in The Open Arms in May 2020.

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